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Date of next meeting of the Council is on the 24th June 24 to interview a Council Candidate.
This is not a Public Meeting 

Date of next Council Meeting to be held on the 27th June 24 is at 6.30pm at Calbourne Sports and Recreation Hall



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Calbourne Residents welcomed the High Sheriff Dawn Haigh-Thomas,  who cut the ribbon to mark the refurbishment of  the historic village pump canopy project which is a well known local landmark. 

The pump was manufactured in 1894 and the pump canopy was erected about 120 years ago. The original pump wheel vanished a few years ago and thanks to Calbourne residents raised money towards a replacement wheel being made by Whipping Forge to complete the project.

Councillor John Angel Chairman of Calbourne Newtown and Porchfield Parish Council thanked the High Sheriff for presiding over the completion of this village project. He thanked the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for giving the Council a grant towards the cost of the restoration, the Council for also funding this project, the Clerk for obtaining a Grant for the project and the Villagers for leading the fund raising to replace the pump wheel with the Council funding the rest.
He thanked our builder John Nicholson who is vastly experienced at working on restoration projects. His team have done a great job. Everyone then went to Calbourne Sports and Recreation Hall who had put on tea, coffee and cakes. It was a very enjoyable morning.

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   Free Water Butts: Saving Water, Saving Money!

The Footprint Trust is an energy advice charity that has been running for 20 years. Our mission is to reduce the ecological impact of the Isle of Wight. This is through working with the Island’s communities to promote the benefits of sustainable living and helping people in fuel poverty.

In conjunction with Connect for Communities and W Hurst & Son, we are really excited about our new project. We will be helping people save water and money by installing a water butt in their garden or allotment. By doing this people can save up to 200 litres of water which in turn, helps them use less tap water and save money on their water bill.

Not only will clients be receiving a lovely new water butt kit they will also get a handy ‘Grow it Yourself’ starter set; with seeds, compost, and trays, to begin their journey of growing their own vegetables at home. This will not only help people cut the cost of their food bills but by doing this they will also help enrich the local environment.

Norman Arnold from The Footprint Trust said, “I am really excited to see this roll out across the Island and help people save water and money, even if it is one drop at a time!”

If you would like a water butt please contact The Footprint Trust for more information. Email: or phone 01983 822282



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